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The International Press

The International Press acts as a link between the masses and the UN. The Press has its own stand, and it has become a necessity for it to provide factual and enlightening information, which frees people from ignorance. It functions as an investigative, versatile and important form of communication. It consists of a body of news agencies, broadcasters, and the like, who has their form of liberty in informing, and deliberating about events occurring in the United Nations. It works tirelessly and with diligence in providing the truth, disclosing and elucidating on the debate among the delegates of the notable committees.

Campus Ambassador Program

MUN IITI, in its 6th edition, announces the opening of its Campus Ambassador Program! It provides applicants the opportunity to represent us and play a key role in uniting the debaters coming from all over the nation for a much regarded and appealing contemplation. You, as the Campus Ambassador will be felicitated for your efforts with a certificate from IIT Indore if you can bring five or more delegates from your institute. Furthermore, if you wish to participate in the conference, you'll be given a discount/offers which shall be performance-based and proportional to the number of delegates you bring. This is an oppurtunity to set yourself apart from the crowd and be the face of MUN IITI '22.

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CAP Brochure

Executive Board Registrations

CommitteeModeFirst ChairSecond Chair
United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)OfflineChairpersonVice Chairperson
United Nations Security Council (UNSC)OfflineChairpersonVice Chairperson
All India Political Parties Meet(AIPPM)OfflineModeratorCo Moderator
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime(UNODC)OfflineChairpersonVice Chairperson
World Health Organization(WHO)OfflineChairpersonVice Chairperson
United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC)OfflineChairpersonCo Chairperson
United Nations Commission on the Status of Women(UNCSW)OfflineChairpersonVice Chairperson
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)OfflineChairpersonCo Chairperson